How to give a landscape makeover to an older home


We are old 🙂 and some of the homes we lived in prior to building are even older 🙂 Trying to figure out what to renovate to maximise the return on investment when it comes time to sell was always difficult for us….until we discovered the ‘bang for buck’ we were getting from re-doing our gardens.

Let’s put it out there, landscaping plays an important part in the aesthetics of a home, one of the most important parts when you are talking about external aesthetics. Beautiful landscaping not only enhances the visual appearance of a home but also increases its commercial value. It’s well-known that homes with a well-designed and duly maintained landscape command a higher price in the real estate market.

Changing landscaping trends mean that older homes often look outdated and out of place. Unkempt gardens or overgrown bushes create a shabby look and reduce the appeal of a home. However, by giving your yard a makeover, you can improve the aesthetics of your home and transform it into a space that leaves an indelible mark on everyone, trust us, we have done this many times before and were always very happy with the result to our bank balance 🙂 As per usual we want to give you some valuable tips to share our knowledge so here are our top 5:

1. Pay attention to fire safety

Many older homes have junipers that are highly combustible. When giving a makeover to your landscape, choose plants that don’t catch fire easily. If you live in an area that’s located in a high wildlife zone, it becomes all the more important to have fire reduction measures in place.

2. Look for water conservation

Water conservation should be a priority when designing your new landscape. Many older homes feature plants that require a lot of water. To ensure you have a robust water conservation strategy, you can take the assistance of a trained specialist.

3. Choose a low maintenance landscape

Choosing a low maintenance landscape will ensure you don’t have to spend too much of time looking after it. You will hear of harping on about this a lot in our different articles but you should choose those plants, shrubs, and other materials that grow slowly and require minimum pruning. You can take the help of a specialist to know which type of materials would require minimum maintenance.


4. Have a plan

It is true that good planning can save you a heap of money in costly fixes and reworks. So before landscape designing, it is a must to have proper planning about it. You should consider your budget, construction, and installation in landscaping planning.

5. Make sure it is attractive

If you want to give an attractive look to your garden, you can install fountains and other water equipment in your garden.

Fruit trees can also increase the beauty of your garden. We think it is one of the best landscaping elements you can add as you can also reap the rewards of some fresh fruit….yummy!

You should consider removing very large trees that may have large roots which are destroying your garden by preventing the growth of other plants. Note you may need to consult with local authorities before removing.

These were a few tips that will help you give a landscape makeover to your older home. While DIY landscaping is a feasible option, it’s advisable that you choose a landscape design company for extensive landscaping projects. Leading landscape contractors provide complete solutions, including design and implementation to their clients. It’s advisable that you do a bit of research about the leading landscaping designers in your area and choose one who will work closely with you to create a space that meets your preferences.

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Charlie and Barbara